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When it comes to coffee, we know what’s good. When it comes to data, maybe good isn’t enough!

There’s no doubt that the combination of warmth, aroma and flavor becomes a welcome break from the routine. When it comes to technology and to our views about data much the same can be said about our preferences.

ETI-NET & XYPRO: Enhanced Cybersecurity Collaboration

ETI-NET, the leading provider of HPE Nonstop backup systems data and monitoring management, and XYPRO Technology, the leading provider of HPE Nonstop Cybersecurity and Compliance software, have established a new level of partnership to enhance digital resiliency.

BackBox with Intergrated QoreStore Webinar

Watch the webinar recording where ETI-NET, DCIG and Pyalla Technologies look in-depth at the latest NonStop backup cybersecurity features available with the new release of BackBox® with QoreStor®.

New ETI-NET BackBox® with QoreStor® Release Enhances the Digital Resilience of HPE NonStop Systems

ETI-NET, the leading provider of HPE NonStop backup systems data and monitoring management has released enhanced NonStop System Backup and Storage Management with specific functionality that allows organizations to completely recover the most Mission Critical Systems in the enterprise in case of Cyber-attacks

BackBox® and QoreStor® Video Case Study

As a resource for those of you that attended or may have missed the ETI-NET portfolio presentation, we have taken the presentation and created short recordings, starting with the latest successful deployment of BackBox® and QoreStor® case study.