Delivering Cyber Security Advancements to NonStop Backup and Storage Management.
Zoom Webinar @ 11am ET on November 1, 2023

Watch the webinar recording where ETI-NET, DCIG and Pyalla Technologies look in-depth at the latest NonStop backup cybersecurity features available with the new release of BackBox® with QoreStor®.

You will gain an understanding of the latest NonStop Backup features, and how ETI-NET with BackBox and QoreStor deliver a robust solution that provides the following benefits:

Watch The Recording

    Meet Our Presenters:

    Mike Mitsch
    Director, ETI-NET

    Isaac Deeb
    Director, Managed Services

    Richard Buckle
    CEO, Pyalla Tech

    Jerome Wendth
    President & Founder, DCIG LLC

    Participants will learn about: