BACKBOX® with Integrated QoreStor®

BackBox integrated QoreStor® is a software-defined primary backup storage platform that provides higher levels of NonStop Backup data protection, agility, and cost effectiveness. The solution allows for NonStop backup data to be stored locally on the VTC, encrypted at rest, deduplicated, and securely replicated to another BackBox with QoreStor (to support the 3-2-1 rule). Additionally, with QoreStor’s Cloud Tiering, NonStop Backup Data can be tiered to supported cloud storage providers.

BackBox with QoreStor® integration by ETI-NET

QoreStor® software-defined storage runs on the same server as BackBox. This allows clients to add an additional level of protection to HPE NonStop backup data, realize savings through consolidation of VTC and Storage resources, and support the 3-2-1 rule best practice to deliver new levels of agility to enhance HPE digital resilience.

Security Backup Data Encryption & Separation of Duties

Enhance primary backup data security with built-in encryption at rest and in transit to another BackBox QoreStor instance or cloud tier.  Compliant with FIPS 140-2, QoreStor encryption utilizes 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) keys.  Utilize user roles, to allow granular control over storage capabilities, supporting separation of duties.

The integration of QoreStor into BackBox provides user roles, which provides granular control over storage capabilities, at various levels to support the separation of duties.


Utilizing QoreStor’s advanced source-side data deduplication with built-in compression realize unparalleled storage savings of up to 93%, reducing physical storage consumption while improving performance throughput.

Advanced Replication for Availability & Disaster Recovery

Utilizing QoreStor’s intelligent replication technology, replication is checkpointed to continue process after potential interruption.  Additionally, replication only transmits unique backup data to the secondary QoreStor instance and offsite storage locations.  This reduces replication times but up to 10 to 15 times and reducing bandwidth consumption by up to 85%. 

Cloud Tier

Through Cloud Tiering also support S3 intelligent storage devices and service providers. QoreStor decreases the amount of data flowing across the network and up to the cloud, reducing storage requirements and cost while shortening backup time. When using QoreStor Cloud Tiering recovery time is accelerated by immediately delivering local data and then only retrieving cloud data when necessary to reduce egress costs.

Global Cloud View

Manage all BackBox / QoreStor instances from a single console utilizing separate security controls, making BackBox / QoreStor instances easy to operate and maintain.

Secondary Storage – Import/export support options

Current model tape drives—including the latest LTO tape drives—can be connected to BackBox VTC via SAS or FC. This type of connection allows the import of any physical tape content to virtual tape storage and the export of virtual tapes to HPE NonStop-readable physical media.

Secondary Storage – Physical tape support options

If the enterprise backup content needs to be consolidated across physical tape silos network, HPE NonStop BackBox VTC R3 can back up or archive virtual tape images to EBS servers.