IBM MQ Event Management System (EMS)

IBM MQ allows independent and potentially nonconcurrent applications on HPE NonStop, and other distributed systems, to securely communicate with each other, using messages. MQGate for HPE NonStop takes source IBM MQ Event Management System (EMS) events and converts them to new, easier-to-identify fully tokenized EMS events. MQGate acts as a translator, converting the source IBM MQ events into new, unique tokenized events, making it easier to identify exceptions within your EMS event and alert subsystems.

Information Exchange

IBM MQ supports the exchange of information between applications, systems, services, and files by sending and receiving message data via messaging queues on HPE NonStop.

Many IBM MQ version 8 events use the same event number for disparate messages and include identifying information such as channel name embedded within large EMS text tokens.

Individual Issues Monitoring

MQGate takes IBM MQ information and makes it easy to view, monitor, and manage individual issues, keeping you on top of everything that’s happening in yourHPE NonStop environment.

MQ Monitoring

Instead of monitoring all the same MQ event number X and having to scroll through an event viewer to determine what the event is referring to, the unique EMS event structure that is generated by MQGate allows operators to filter their monitoring software on selected event numbers and/or subject tokens.

Event Tokens

The IBM MQ event number and subject token do not uniquely identify the MQ components. All events and large text token content must be examined by HPE NonStop operators to determine if any issues exist.

Critical Events

MQGate will parse these IBM MQ events and issue tokenized EMS events containing individual event numbers and unique subject tokens per MQ manager, queue, channel.


Use specific filters, such as SSID, event number, subject, event text, to identify critical issues and improve processes.

Easy Access to Alerts

Exception alerting allows users to identify which events are critical to their business, improving triage speeds and lowering the risk to mission-critical processes.

Event Filtering

MQGate allows operators to filter and select events that are being issued for MQ.

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