Real-time transaction monitoring and querying

C-Deep for HPE NonStop enables payment processors to get instant information on any transaction processed through a payment switch on HPE NonStop—past or present. It’s a powerful stand-alone transaction monitoring product or a high-performance add-on to your current BASE24™ solution. It stores and instantly queries historic transactions for 10 years and beyond to help ensure regulatory compliance. A highly configurable alerting engine delivers concise charts, bringing clarity to your data flow. C-Deep gives instant and full visibility into all fields of data and provides an unmatched advantage to understand trends, predict patterns, help ensure fault tolerance, and avoid outages.

C-Deep for HPE Nonstop Key Benefits

C-Deep for HPE Nonstop Realtime Charts

C-Deep Architecture

C-Deep reads transaction data from the HPE NonStop based Transaction Log File/POS Transaction Log File (TLF/PTLF). The HPE NonStop extraction clients pass this data to the C-Deep collector on the Windows Server.

C-Deep Architecture

C-Deep for HPE NonStop provides real-time monitoring and comprehensive querying of the transaction flow information created by primary payment engines. As C-Deep is hosted on a Windows Server, there is minimal impact on your HPE NonStop performance.


C-Deep provides granular levels of access as standard, allowing administrators to control permissions right down to row level.

C-Deep for HPE Nonstop Dashboards

HPE NonStop system connections

HPE NonStop systems running the HPE NonStop L- and J-series operating systems are supported by C-Deep for HPE NonStop.

Customizable Dashboards

Custom dashboards are easily created to display collected data in a meaningful format, giving you total visibility of your environment, helping to pinpoint any issues instantly.

Data Harvesting

In addition to delivering real-time data, C-Deep submits scheduled transaction reports to various areas of your organization providing critical business insight for risk management and improved sales opportunities.

C-Deep for HPE Nonstop Transaction Query

Real-time charts

Fully customizable real-time charts deliver detailed information in a readable format. Users can drill down from dashboards to investigate issues in greater depth.


C-Deep is not limited to BASE24. Whether it’s POS or ATM, it can be customized to integrate with a variety of other payment environments including CGI BESS and NCR Authentic.

Instant Information

C-Deep detects critical issues in real time, notifying the appropriate people when thresholds are exceeded, and automatically applying corrective actions to resolve problems.