New Sentinel Release Enhances HPE NonStop Monitoring


New Sentinel Release Enhances HPE NonStop Monitoring

Building upon the leadership position in NonStop Backup Storage Management, new Sentinel features deliver enhanced NonStop System Monitoring.

Montreal, Quebec, May 2nd: ETI-NET, the leading provider of HPE NonStop backup systems data and monitoring management has released enhanced NonStop Enterprise System Monitoring with specific functionality that allow organizations to gain more insight and agility to modernize operations of the most Mission Critical Systems in the enterprise.

Built upon Sentinel’s long history1 of delivering extensive2 enterprise management for HPE NonStop, the new features3 include the ability to capture and store historical information and to operate with other ETI-NET enhanced Management products.

New and notable features include:

  • Sentinel Data Storage (SDS): Stores historical metrics including CPU, processes, and Disk metrics, which can be called upon by operators via the Grafana powered dashboards and delivered through customized reports. CPU metrics can be polled up to every 5 seconds, enabling users to continuously improve digital resilience.
  • Auto-Discovery: Offers an automated process to augment the manual process that allows Sentinel to automatically build and optimally configure critical hardware and software components in the NonStop environment.
  • Presentation: Virtual (SMF) and Physical Disks are now shown separately. Network and Storage CLIMs are also automatically discovered.
  • Status Monitor Trees: Adds monitoring for common processes to determine optimal operation and utilizes auto-discover to identify processes and to optimally configure.
  • Chinese BIG5: Supports the display of Chinese BIG5 encoded EMS events in the Console, creating a diverse environment to support multi-national staff
  • Examine: Expands MQ capabilities to allow Sentinel to further analyze IBM_MQ events, associated MQ Reason Codes, MQ Queue Depth and Channel States, presenting the condition in the Sentinel Status Monitor allowing operators to prioritize workloads and eliminate queue fill up.   
  • OSS Insight: Includes the ability to drill into Open System Software PIDs to monitor from within Sentinel to gain an understanding of the process status. Identifies files that are open, memory consumption, and other indicators4 give a clear indication of how mission-critical processes are performing.
  • TMF (Transaction Management Facility) Enhancement: New intelligence designed to identify long running transactions that have a file or record lock.


“These enhancements enable our clients to react faster, to streamline NonStop operations, and avoid potential deadlock situations. ” said Max Yang, Executive Director SYSCOM. Combined with the automated configurations, allow our clients to realize these enhancements faster, with less configuration errors.  

“Sentinel’s new features demonstrate ETI-NET’s commitment to continue to deliver advanced HPE NonStop enhanced management functionality.”  Said Benoit Caron, CEO of ETI-NET.  “The ability of Sentinel to deliver deeper insights to all aspects of the NonStop environment, including ETI-NET BackBox, QoreStor, C-Deep, MQGate and MultiBatch products, ensures NonStop Clients can realize standardized support and unmatched interoperability, through a single purchasing and contracting mechanism.

Register to attend the Sentinel Feature Enhancement Webinar on 5/21 or visit our website at for more information on ETI-NET’s latest Sentinel product enhancements for enterprise NonStop monitoring.


ETI-NET is the worldwide leader in managing critical data for industries that never stop. We develop software which allows NonStop servers to access modern technologies. Now in our third decade of operation, ETI-NET is renowned for delivering leading-edge components to major data centers globally.

ETI-NET products evolved in the earliest days of massive data transfer across disparate servers within complex data centers. The company acquired a core competence in managing this category of data traffic, which today defines the market for advanced backup solutions. Backup interfaces from NonStop to mainframes, APIs to storage servers, and device emulators and controllers are all the result of our focus and expertise in this important discipline.

For over 25 years, hundreds of the world’s largest companies have been relying on ETI-NET software due to our unique expertise, impeccable track record and reputation for excellence.


1 ETI-NET Sentinel is also marketed as REFLEX by Insider Technologies.  REFLEX was introduced in 2003 and is currently release 4.9.

2 Sentinel monitors systems, networks, hardware, subsystem, processes, files, event management service (EMS) log messages and third-party applications.

3 Sentinel Version 1.1 (from HPE)