Secure software development is at the core of our practices. Our team adheres to the highest industry standards.

Experienced Team: Our dedicated team comprises experts in secure software development, bringing years of collective experience to ensure robust coding practices. Rigorous Testing: We subject our software to comprehensive testing procedures, including vulnerability assessments and static application security testing during the SDLC. Adaptive Measures: We employ adaptive security measures that evolve with the changing threat […]

SPHiNX 9.5 Release Notes

SPHiNX 9.5 has been recently released. See the Release Notes for details on the new features and functionalities.

The NonStop Technical Boot Camp – Recap

NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2018 The NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) held this year in San Francisco hosted an impressive number of NonStop users, HPE managers and executives, and more than 100 “first time attendees”, newbies of the NonStop. Their presence means that the NonStop community not only is growing, but it’s re-shaping the social […]

Updates on Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities

Updates on Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities Procedures to mitigate Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities variants have been recently developed. For detailed procedures to follow, see the document below: SPHiNX – side-channel security vulnerabilities

Raymond James Ltd. and ETI-NET on the best virtual tape support

Raymond James Ltd. can best be described as a diversified financial services holding company with subsidiaries engaged in investment and financial planning, investment banking and asset management. The company has seen the usage of NonStop systems change and grow through the years up to the point where today NonStop became the main system to record […]