ETI-NET is the worldwide leader in backup of critical data for industries that never stop. We develop software which allows NonStop servers to access modern storage technologies. Now in our third decade of operation, ETI-NET enjoys a reputation for delivering leading-edge components to major data-centers globally.

ETI-NET products evolved in the earliest days of massive data transfer across disparate servers within complex data centers. The company acquired a core competence in managing this category of data traffic, which today defines the market for advanced backup solutions. Backup interfaces from NonStop to mainframes, APIs to storage servers, and device emulators and controllers are all the result of our focus and expertise in this important discipline.

For over 25 years, hundreds of the world’s largest companies have been relying on ETI-NET software due to our unique expertise, impeccable track record and reputation for excellence.

Some Milestones We Are Proud Of

Years in the field
Major installations worldwide

Since 1986

NonStop technologies we pioneered

  • First virtual tape encryption with HP ESKM support

  • First routing of backup images to EBS products

  • First Fibre Channel-connected virtual tape

  • First fault-tolerant virtual tape product

  • First use of data deduplication

Our Happy Customers